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I’ve not put pen to paper for absolutely ages. When I originally started this blog it was to highlight and get the OCD most of my life had been plagued with, off my chest and out into the open. I’ve been successful at that I feel , well initially in the first year or two of the blog but then I kinda dried up with things to say. I felt I was repeating myself and not saying anything new and for want of a better expression , I couldn’t be arsed with it! 😆

I’m happy with where my life is with OCD is concerned. It’s under control , I’m functioning as normal as I’ve ever done, it doesn’t own me and I’ve got so much more that defines me as the person I am today to write and comment on if I’m to continue with my blog.

I’m 49 soon, I want to celebrate my life as it is now and all it entails. So I’m rebooting the page , renaming it and going to share thoughts , pics and ramblings for any poor souls that might find that interesting.

Pop by and say hello if any of it ever resonates.

Paul x

I’m Still Here! 


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God I’ve been shit at this blogging lark this year. 

I’m still managing my OCD really , really well. I think what’s helped is being approved foster carers for the last 20 mths and having the same two siblings during that time. 

Focusing on others who have far worse problems than yourself , especially children, has an uncanny knack of reducing your own anxieties and putting everything into perspective . Well , it certainly works for me!

I’ve been more open , more regularly about my condition. I’m 48 in November and in that lovely middle aged zone of not giving a fuck what anyone thinks anymore, so if the topic of mental health crops up, I’m in like Flynn and go into full confessional mode. I even came out on FaceBook earlier this year so go me! 

But before I get too cocky knickers I’ve still had a couple of episodes so to speak. Primarily these have occurred at night time just before bed, particularly if I’m the last up and need to check and lock up the house. That responsibility is unbearable, especially at that time of night when reality is distorted by the darkness and quiet. It’s always been the most difficult part of the day for me. 

P x